Major and Minor

The International Studies program is both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.  Students who complete the major will have acquired a firm grasp of methodologies appropriate to the study of international phenomena, in-depth expertise in a particular region of the world or international theme, competence in foreign language, and globally relevant experience through study or internship abroad programs. 

International Studies Major

The International Studies major (INTL) focuses on the political, economic, socio-historic, and cultural dimensions of changes that are taking place around the world. The INTL major recognizes that a comprehensive focus on international issues, foreign cultures, and societies is beyond the ability of any one discipline to provide and thus draws from multiple disciplines to give students a multidimensional perspective to global development and issues.  International Studies will help students develop a global perspective regarding vital trends and issues as they learn to analyze international affairs.  It emphasizes knowledge of regions across disciplines and time.

Catalog and Course Information

International Studies, Africa Concentration

International Studies, Asia Concentration

International Studies, Europe Concentration

International Studies, Global Studies Concentration

International Studies, Latin America and the Caribbean Concentration

International Studies Minor

The International Studies minor (INST) is an elective program which provides a structured course of study designed to acquaint students with the international community. Completion of this course of studies program will provide an important background for individuals planning careers in government, private enterprise, or nongovernmental institutions.