Honors and Awards

Information on the International Studies program's Honors and Awards.

Departmental Honors

Students eligible to be considered for Department Honors must have a grade point average in the major of at least 3.5, and completion of a minimum of 12 hours of “exceptionally fine work.” The 12 hours must include the completion of an exceptional 6 hour bachelor's essay in addition to outstanding work in the major.

In order to be considered for departmental honors students need to write a short abstract of their Bachelor's Essay (email it to intl@cofc.edu) and have their Bachelor's Essay advisor fill out a questionnaire by April 10th.

Outstanding Student Award

In order to be considered for this award, students must have a minimum 3.80 GPA in the major. In addition, students must have done exceptionally well in the INTL 350 and INTL 495 courses. Finally, students must have completed at least 92 hours at the College of Charleston. Students who complete less than 92 hours at the College are eligible for the Outstanding Transfer Student Award.