Study Abroad

A Study Abroad experience enables you to take classes towards the completion of your degree while living in a unique setting with different cultural, political, and social values from what you might experience at home.  

The Study or Internship Abroad component of the International Studies program provides you with an opportunity to gain overseas experience.  Your increased awareness and understanding of global challenges can later be applied not only in your studies at CofC but in becoming leaders of your generation. 

Study Abroad Requirement for International Studies Majors

All International Studies majors are required to spend one semester or summer in a study or internship abroad program and earn a minimum of 6 credit hours.

You must follow the INTL specific requirements for study abroad otherwise it will not count towards your INTL major.

General requirements:

  1. Study abroad should be in the region of the student’s concentration (e.g. if you are in the Africa concentration you should study abroad in Africa)
  2. Earn at least 6 credits while abroad.
  3. Spend a minimum of 3 weeks abroad.

Only the following programs will be approved for the International Studies major study abroad requirement:

  • All College run semester programs (Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Trujillo etc.)
  • All College of Charleston bilateral (exchange) programs.
  • At this time all College of Charleston summer programs as long as they are at least 3 weeks long and you earn a minimum of 6 credit hours (Summer 2020 programs)
  • iCharleston London, Dublin and Rome
  • Only the following Affiliate Programs:*

Arcadia University


CYA - College Year in Athens

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)




SACI – Studio Art Centers International

SFS School for Field Studies


University of Southern Mississippi


*Exceptions may be allowed under special circumstances. Students may petition the program faculty if the program they desire to study on is not one of the approved.

Planning Study Abroad Step-By-Step

1.       Plan ahead

Start thinking about the timing and the location of your study abroad when you declare your INTL major. Aim for your sophomore or junior year. But the best time for you will depend on your particular goals and circumstances. Talk to your advisor about studying abroad as early as possible.

2.       Learn the basics about studying abroad at CofC

Go to the website of the Center of International Education and familiarize yourself with the different programs (CofC faculty-led semester and summer programs, exchange programs, affiliate programs, independent internships).

Start thinking about financing study abroad  and look into available scholarships. Please note that you cannot use most of your institutional financial aid going on affiliate programs. 

Watch the videos on the CIE website to learn about the different program types and how to finance study abroad.

If you have questions about the different programs and the logistics of study abroad stop by the study abroad office to talk to a peer advisor. Drop-in hours are Tuesdays: 11:00am-3:00pm and Wednesdays: 12:00pm-4:00pm. Affiliate program advising sessions are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm.

If you are interested in an internship abroad instead of going on a study abroad program please set up a meeting with the administrative coordinator Sarah Wuigk (, 843-953-4884) to discuss your options.

3.       Choose a study abroad program

Meet with your advisor to discuss which program is best for you.

4.       Apply for Scholarships and get information about your specific financial aid situation.

Review the information provided by the Center for International Education about financing study abroad. 

Meet with your financial aid counselor to discuss financing study abroad if you are getting financial aid.

Apply for scholarships.

5.       Apply for the study abroad program

This might be at the same time you are applying for scholarships. Just be aware that often the deadlines for scholarships are before the deadlines to apply for the programs.

If you want courses from affiliated programs to transfer back for International Studies, you need to get them approved by the director of International Studies (no matter what kind of course, the ‘green sheet’ has to be signed not only by the departments who approve the course but also by Dr. Pehl if you want to count them towards your INTL major).

6.       International Studies study abroad survey

All International Studies students studying abroad must take an online survey before departure and when returning to the US.  This is mandatory.  You will not receive credit for your study abroad requirement if you do not take the survey – so don’t forget.  You must contact the administrative coordinator Sarah Wuigk ( to arrange taking the survey. We will need to know when and on which program you are going.


Already studied abroad?!  Take some time to tell us about your experience.  By filling out this Study Abroad Evaluation you will provide the International Studies faculty & staff with valuable information for advising and guiding future participants in choosing the best program to fit their academic and personal goals. 

Completed evaluations can be turned in directly to the International Studies office at 9 Glebe, Room 101 or by e-mail to Sarah Wuigk (

Students may petition for an alternative or exemption on the basis of special circumstances.